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Pressure Washing 4 Weekend Projects That Make a Difference

4 Weekend Projects That Make a Difference

When it comes to keeping your home pristine, the typical household tasks are simply not enough. If you genuinely wish to have a spotless home, you need to extend your chores and house cleaning skills to the outside of your home too.

The exterior of your home requires just as much attention as the inside of your home. Stains on your sidings, driveways, and patios are more visible and noticeable because they cover larger surfaces. In addition, the house’s exterior is rarely cleaned, allowing the dirt and grime to pile up and mold and algae to spread until they are visible and giving a hideous sight.

Cleaning your whole property is always a good solution, but not many homeowners have the strength, the money, or the time to complete such a project. Still, they are unable to leave their home in such as state and here where what they want and actually can do clashes.

Don’t fret, dear homeowners. There are some mini-projects you can tackle this weekend to make your home more visually appealing. Of course, you can choose to do only one or more from our list, but we guarantee it will help you change the appearance of your home for the better. And your secret weapon will be pressure washing.

Check out these four fantastic weekend cleaning projects you can easily complete with pressure washing.

Fence Restoration

Your fence is the first thing you see when you come home from work. So, why not make it a pleasant sight to behold. However, fences can get quite dirty since they are exposed to the natural elements 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, especially if your fence is made out of wood, in which case rot may appear in some parts.

Whether you do it alone or hire a professional pressure washing company, fence pressure washing can be an excellent project this weekend. Pressure washers have different pressure settings and also different nozzles you can use. With the right combination of pressure and correct nozzle, you can strip away the dirt and grime from the fence, actually preparing the surface for the new coat of paint.

If you decide to re-paint your fence, leave it to air dry a few days after you’ve washed it. The ability to prep the surface by cleaning it thoroughly is what makes pressure washing a perfect fence restoration tool.

Patio Cleaning Project

No matter the size or the material of your patio, it will suffer the same elements as all other outdoor surfaces around your home. When it comes to different materials, the one with the ability to repel dust and debris is still not invented, so you need to clean it once in a while. Concrete can be tricky because any crack can store a lot of fine dust.

The dust can turn to mud when it comes in contact with water, and once it hardens, it can be challenging to remove it from the crack. In addition, the wood decking and patios are prone to rot if not sealed properly.

But if you decide on pressure washing your patio this weekend, you can get the job done in just one day. Not only will you complete this project in record time, but you will also make your property that much cleaner. Patios are great spots for rodents and insects to breed.

They are also where mold and algae thrive underneath the pile of dead leaves and debris you didn’t clean in time. So neglecting your patio is actually creating a health hazard for you and your family. Pressure washing your patio will ensure every bit of dirt is removed from cracks and corners of the surface, creating a healthy environment you’ll be happy to enjoy.

Windows Cleaning

Regardless of where your home is located, you may still take some time and clean your windows. However, due to the fragile nature of the windows, we recommend that your hire a professional window cleaning service this time.

Cleaning your windows and windowsills will give your home an instant curb appeal. In addition, the inside of your home will get more light to emphasize the beauty of your living area.

So no matter where you’re living, whether you’ll be greeted by sunshine or snow blanket, with power washing, the view from your window will be crystal clear.

Pressure Washing Driveway and Sidewalks

Just like your fence, your driveway is the first to greet you and any of your visitors. However, unlike your fence, your driveway gets the bad end of the deal with the addition of auto oils and stains.

By now, every homeowner knows that oily stains are the worst, for lack of a better word. But with pressure washing, you can get rid of most of them pretty easily.

The pressure washing technique is pretty adaptable. You can use a myriad of cleaning solutions and hot water and combine them to achieve maximum results. This is also a task that can be done in just a few hours, leaving you with a beautiful, welcoming sight you’ll be proud of.

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