Fence and Deck Restorations

Fence and Deck Restorations

Over time, wooden fences and decks will begin to show signs of ageing. Exposure to the elements, like moisture, heat, cold, and sunlight, will discolor areas of the wood, turning them gray. If you have stained and waterproofed the wood with a sealant, it will wear down over time. The best way to maintain your wood fences and decks is by having them power washed professionally, and then stained and waterproofed with the proper sealant.

Maintaining wooden structures is far more cost effective than dealing with rotted wood, which will require an expensive replacement. In fact, many homeowners in The Woodlands and Spring are shocked at the costs of replacing a wood fence or deck. You can safely and effectively extend the life of your property by having it professionally pressure washed and stained.  We’ve all seen pictures of a beautiful family in their yard with a run down old fence in the background….it’s just not right!

Our skilled team will expertly pressure wash your exterior wood, and then seal it with a high quality stain. Not only will it improve the look of your property, but it will also keep it in great shape for years to come. Through a proper washing process, we can remove the stains, mildew, dirt, dead fibers, and mold that have built up.  A properly cleaned and stained fence will look great and protect your investment for years to come – it is a true win/win situation!  Replacing a fence costs more than $20 per linear foot these days so you want the fence you have to look great and survive as long as it possibly can t avoid the high cost of replacement.

At Pressure Washing The Woodlands, we use a 3 step process to clean and refresh wood decks and fences.  Contractors and landscapers that offer you cleaning services for wood structures can’t offer you this expert process, and the pressure that they will use is likely to damage the wood further. We are able to extend the life of your deck or fence with this unique cleaning process, and we recommend that you follow that up with a professional wood staining, which we are pleased to offer.

Proper wood restoration is not easy, and it requires expert knowledge and skills. Don’t risk damaging your wood or letting it rot. Pressure Washing in the Woodlands has the right detergents and equipment needed to refresh wood fences and decks so that they stays in great shape for years to come. Be proud of your property by giving it a fresh look that you’ll love showing off.


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