Roof Cleaning Methods That Eliminate Moss

Roof Cleaning Methods That Eliminate Moss


Moss is prevalent in areas that experience precipitation over the large part of the year. While it is not harmful to the environment, it damages the roofing materials. Below are facts about moss, and roof cleaning measures to eliminate it.

Moss damages the entire image of your home making it look deserted. It also traps moisture and debris, which stain the rooftop and may lead to rotting. Weed grows on the wet parts leading to wrapping.

You may use high-pressure water to dislodge the flora out of the seams. A strong gush of water flushes the plants from edges and seams. Be sure to avoid splashing the water onto the deck so as not to damage it.

You can also use baking soda to eliminate the flora. The soda carbonate solution is highly alkaline and kills the growing plants. The powder is sprinkled on the flow and a little water poured on it. The surface is then scrubbed off after vegetation turns brown. Wear protective clothing when working with soda carbonate.

Vinegar is also effective in removing a few plants. The acetic acid in vinegar weakens the vegetation making it easy to come off. Vinegar is expensive and thus cannot be used in the whole surface area. In addition, vinegar can damage potted plants that are growing below the rooftop.

You can also buy roof shampoo to clean off the moss along with the debris. Pour the diluted shampoo and scrub all the dirt along with the growing plants. After cleaning, rinse off with clean water.

The choice of the cleaning material depends on the type of roof, the cost, and the outgrowth of plants on the roofing. If there is lots of vegetation, washing soda is most appropriate. Shampoo is gentle on delicate roofing materials such as asphalt shingles that can be damaged by high-pressure water.

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