A pressure washer certainly has the ability to harm your home if used incorrectly.  4,000 psi can peel your paint, etch your concrete, blast away your mortar and scar your stucco.  We know the right amount of pressure to use and generally use only around 100 psi on painted surfaces to get the best clean

Any “chemical” has the potential to kill landscaping if used improperly…..even H2O.  Our detergents are safe for your landscaping the way we use them.  We use far more fresh water to rinse than we use in the detergent application process and we take extra care to rinse off the most delicate plants and flowers.

While each project is different on average we can wash an average sized house in a couple hours and an average size driveway in the same amount of time.  There can be several factors that can cause the project to take longer, and cost more.  These include covered patios and porches.  High areas that require

This depends on several factors that are largely outside of our control and is why we don’t offer warranties.  The primary factors include: paint selection, landscaping, and share.  Cheap paint will mildew faster, large trees create the environment conducive to the growth of mold and mildew and so does shad.  In general you can expect

The equipment we use can vary from one project to the next depending on several factors.  We use commercial equipment that allows us to clean more thoroughly and more quickly than any unit you will find at Home Depot or Lowe’s.  We also have all the small tools needed to make help the project go smoothly

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