Effective Asbestos Roof Cleaning Methods

Effective Asbestos Roof Cleaning Methods


Some of the older roofs are made of asbestos. This material is often full of growing moss and sometimes lichen that can damage the fiber. The asbestos roof cleaning procedures involve removing the growing plants as well as sealing the roof to prolong its life.

The roofing materials are toxic. The water is collected from the roofing is treated as contaminated water and cannot be used for household purposes. Caution should be taken to prevent the release of the fibers into the air.

If the surface is very dirty and has lots of moss outgrowths, the roof can be scrapped gently, and the dirt washed off. Care should be taken not to damage the roofing and release the particles into the air.

Scraping may not clean all the dirt. Use the closed box method to remove the remaining dirt. The method make uses of industrial sized patio cleaner that is placed on the ridges of the roofing material and cleans slowly downwards.

The washing method is effective as it does not damage the roofing and there is minimal fiber release. However, the technique uses lots of water that should be filtered before being allowed to enter the water system.

Steam can also be used to dislodge dirt as well as kill the growing plants. Steam is delivered using a lance. Specially made filters are used to catch flying debris from releasing the asbestos material into the air. The method does not use lots of water like the rest.

Before commencing with the work, you need to get a health and safety certificate. You must alert the tenants of the proposed cleaning to lower the risk of contamination. Some local authorities require that you use a certified asbestos removal firm to handle the cleaning and get issued with a certificate after the completion of the work.

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