Cooling Tower Cleaning in The Woodlands, TX

At Pressure Washing the Woodlands, we know how important it is to regularly clean and maintain cooling towers. This is a tough job that calls for skilled professionals who have the right equipment to get the work done safely and effectively. Cooling tower cleaning requires crawling into tight, uncomfortable spaces, using powerful cleaning chemicals, and high water pressure. In order to dissolve any build up and water stains, you should definitely hire professionals rather than attempt this tough job yourself.

chilling tower pressure washing

Cooling tower maintenance is so important because of how costly the system is. Failing to keep up with proper cleaning and maintenance can lead to very expensive issues. A tower that is not cared for can fall into disrepair, and eventually it may need to be replaced altogether. Even repairs will be a major expense, so it is certainly better to be proactive about maintaining the integrity of the tower.

One of the major issues that cooling towers have is that the minerals from hard water will leave deposits behind, causing buildup that will slow the whole system down. Contaminants settle in to the tower, then get stuck in screens and clogging the system. Efficiency levels will go down over time.

Powerful chemicals that are designed specifically for blasting away that tough buildup need to be used in combination with heavy water pressure. Pressure washing cooling towers is not an easy job, and one that does require a certain level of skills and experience in order to make sure that it is done properly and safely.

While many cooling towers already have chemicals in the system designed to prevent buildup, they are not a sufficient replacement for regular cleaning. Take the time to have the system maintained by performing a proper cleaning at least two times each year. Contact us if you’re in The Woodlands, Spring, Humble or Kingwood and allow our skilled team to tackle the job of cleaning your water cooling tower. We have the knowledge, the equipment, and the skills that are needed to ensure a job well done.