Cleaning A Parking Lot Like A Professional

Cleaning A Parking Lot Like A Professional

Let’s face it – we have all driven through a dirty parking lot.  It may have been in The Woodlands, Humble, Spring or The Woodlands.  Pressure washing a parking lot is not something most “power washing companies” can do.  It required powerful equipment capable of spraying in excess of 8 gallons per minute at a minimum of 3000 psi….and sometimes chemicals as well.

These days, practically everyone knows the vitality of being “green.” More and a greater amount of us are searching for approaches to coordinate naturally cordial propensities into our lives – from the autos we drive to the sustenance we purchase to the quantity of lights we make a point to turn off in our homes. Moreover, large portions of us are scrupulous about the organizations we help that additionally maintain this green expectation for everyday life.

Yet while being green is vital, the level of value and expenses of administrations rendered are likewise of most extreme criticalness to the normal purchaser or entrepreneur, particularly in today’s economy.  This is why we strive to keep our prices as low as possible by maintaining maximum efficiency at all times!

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Posted ByDanielOnJanuary 19,2015


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  • Jeff

    August 4, 2015

    Nice article on concrete cleaning. Parking lots can be really challenging to clean in a timely manner – nobody wants to be out there for a week disrupting business and annoying customers!

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