Simple Roof Cleaning Methods When Preparing For Winter

Simple Roof Cleaning Methods When Preparing For Winter


Winter is a time of extreme weather and snow that has an impact on your roof. Cleaning it before the season helps mitigate problems that are accompanied by the foul weather. Here are a few roof cleaning procedures that are effective during this period.

The most common procedure is water high-pressure cleaning method. The pressure of the water dislodges any particles that may be stuck on the surface and seams without the use of detergents or bleach. The water pressure should be one that you can hold your hand under the spout.

The method is simple but may cause damage to asphalt shingles and some ceramic roofing. This is because the two types of materials are delicate and can break when lots of pressure is applied. Consider other methods if you have any of the two roofing materials.

You may also use hypochlorite bleach and mix it with other chemicals such as trisodium phosphate in high concentrations. The method is less expensive, and you do not require to rinse off the chemicals after use.

The method is effective in dealing with moss and lichens that may be growing on the roof. However, the chemical has a strong odor. It may also damage your driveways, and potted plants due to the bleaching effect.

You may also opt to use eco-friendly non-bleach products such as shampoo and washing equipment. The chemicals do not cause any damage and are not harmful to the water collection areas such as ponds and rainwater storage tanks. Moreover, the results of this method are immediate as it involves scrubbing and rinsing off. On the downside, the products are pricey than the products used in any of the above methods.

Consider the best method to use for your roof depending on the type, amount of dirt and your proposed budget. Seek professional advice in selecting the best method. Cleaning rooftop lowers the risk of blockage staining throughout the cold winter.

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