It’s Fall Ya’ll – Time To Get The House Cleaned Up

Fall In The Woodlands Texas

It’s Fall Ya’ll – Time To Get The House Cleaned Up

The fall is a wonderful time of year – especially in The Woodlands area!  Sure, we don’t really get the Autumn colors on the trees and the fall blooms like some other parts of the country but the weather becomes bearable and much drier than in the summer and spring.  One of my favorite days of the entire year is that first day when a truly cold blast of air makes its way through town and for the first time in a long time you think: “maybe I should have worn a sweater”.

So what does this all have to do with pressure washing in The Woodlands or in Spring Texas for that matter?  Well since the temps have cooled down you will likely be spending more time outside and that means it is extra important that you have your house and entire property looking great!

This is a great time of year to have the exterior of your house power washed and get all the mold and mildew removed before company arrives.  You will enjoy the added benefit of a few extra months of a clean house because mold and mildew growth is less active in cooler months than it is in the summer and spring.  Your concrete gets extra dirty this time of year and when Grandma arrives the last thing you want is for her ti slip on your front walkway because you neglected it for too long and it developed a thick layer of mold and mildew.

Your roof could probably use a good clean right now as well.  The large trees in the area offer a lot of shade which is great for keeping the house cooler but not so good for your roof!  The winter is not the ideal time to have a roof cleaned because the detergent we use doesn’t work as quickly meaning we often have to apply more which eventually makes its way down to the yard.  In the summer it is so stinking hot that it makes work very hard for us and honestly a little dangerous to be up on a roof all day spraying a somewhat slippery mix of soaps.

Give us a call now or contact us right here on the web so Pressure Washing The Woodlands can get your home looking great again!

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  • Chris Benson

    January 12, 2016

    Fall really is a good time to get your house cleaned because the mold and mildew are less active in the fall and winter so it is like you get a 6 month head start before the stuff starts growing back again!

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